Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake

Horse cooking rainbow cake is so much fun and delicious! You can make the most beautiful cake ever. In the realm of horses, fun never closes, nor do cakes! This is the reason why our adorable little horse needs your help to prepare a birthday cake for his closest companion. Could you help him during the whole interaction now? You will have a hard time believing what this wonderful day will bring to you and our horse companions! We will make the brightest birthday cake shaped in the heart ever! First of all, take all the chocolates and confectionery with you, as this game will help your sweet teeth! We have to work now. You need to start with the shopping section, where you will choose the main fixing elements and go for the installment. At this point, you need to mix all the fixations you bought and adjust the dough and cream. In case you do not approve the installation of the fixing devices, you can try another place until you finally put them on. Heat the dough carefully. We wouldn't need anyone to hurt their hands because of the heat! Great! Now you need to put the cream and combine the dough, isolated in different tones. Finally, make the decorations and finish your cake. It looks so delicious that we have to jump to the screen! Extraordinary work!