Forest Match

Forest Match is a match-3 game with a mysterious wood theme. Following the instructions of charming mythical people, the goal is to clear each of the woody plants by spotting designs and trading plants. You can also use supporters when you are stuck! Trade plant situations to adjust them flawlessly in flat or vertical lines of three! This clears each of the coordination with things, transferring space for additional plants to enter the game. You can use sponsors to clear huge sums. These exceptional rewards are valuable when you are stuck. Take them with the gold coins you acquire. In the distant Pixie Forest live various creatures and great animals. They all live in harmony and understanding. To hide this place from individuals, this is provided by a spell. Therefore, an unusual custom is completed once a year with the help of magical things and you will participate in the game Forest Match. You will see curiosity charged with different things. You have to look identical among them. The main concern is that you can move the article in one cell to each path and they structure three elements in one row. Then at this point they will disappear from the screen and give you tricks.