Solitaire Grande

In Solitaire Grande, you can demonstrate your ability to arrange cards by engaging ongoing interaction. Mix the cards with the motif that the kings and queens hang firmly in place to start the game. Would you be able to clear all the cards in the shortest time possible? If you like this look, at this stage you are already satisfied with the standards and purpose of this game. Like some other solitaire games, your goal in the game is to collect every card in the restaurants from aces to kings. In case this is not clear enough, you can play this game effectively with the mouse. In the header of the screen you can feel how much time has passed since you started playing. In addition, you can also monitor the number of moves you have made and your result. In the upper left corner of the screen are your stock cards. The privilege of these can be seen the restaurants. Click and drag cards in the scene below the correct ones to assemble stacks. Note that red cards can be placed under dark cards and dark cards under red cards. You can build stacks in the dropout application from lords to professionals. Click on the stock card deck to find new ones. In case you feel stuck, you can use the hint button below. Best of luck!