Dual Cat

Dual Cat is a puzzle game in which you are a cat searching for its feline friend in a confusing laboratory full of deterrents. After being taken over by many secretive robots, you must use your new powers to stay alive and get out of the dangerous office that is full of robots and machines trying to secure you. To complete a level you need to collect the stars and then get the fish. You have the ability to play dead productively. Use this ability to be powerful for a short time any time you find yourself in dangerous circumstances - chasing enemies will simply pass through you as if you were a phantom. There's a catch, though: you can't move while pretending to be dead. So make sure you disable this power when the risk has passed and move on quickly. Also, keep in mind to investigate everywhere and collect each of the three stars in each level to open the exclusive case. Could you ever complete every level in Dual Cat? Dual Cat - Extremely intriguing puzzle platformer with an adorable cat and different levels. Welcome to an exam that outlines the mystery of quantum superposition in quantum mechanics. Switch between different game modes and interface with the game elements to complete the game level. Enjoy the game. Dual Cat is a Schrödinger Feline Psychological Test puzzle platformer that outlines the catch 22 of quantum superposition in quantum mechanics. In the trial, a cat is considered both dead and alive as a result of its association with an unusual subatomic event that may occur.