Looney Tunes: Veggie Patch

Rabbits are popular vegans and our number one character Bugs Rabbit is no exception. Lately, he had a plan to connect everyone to create food varieties and for that he chose to grow vegetables and berries himself. Help him cope with the economy, which will slowly develop with your help. Sow seeds, water them, destroy dangerous bugs and alert the fearsome crows who are trying to wipe out the crop. Harvest and take care of each individual that will stay with the rabbit and don't forget to take care of the legend himself in the New Looney Tunes Veggie Fix. Help our Looney Tunes companions harvest a wide variety of vegetables and organic produce! Switch to gold feeding mode by planting new seeds that you will then water and harvest. Think carefully about several recipes. Veggies should love vegetables, but they are their staple food. Prepare to grow certain vegetables and find out exactly how to do it. Sow seeds, water and watch the vegetables develop. You should get a larger amount of them, but don't forget about the different plants in your yard.