Family Nest: Royal Society

At one point, you receive a letter from a distant family member you never knew existed. The wretch has fallen ill and his last wishes are to hand over his valuable ranch to you. Can you watch everything at the same time with almost no involvement in the game Family Home: Imperial Society?

Now is the perfect time to test your extreme learning limit and fantastic features that control everything around you as you evolve, collect natural substances, remake a few weak structures and deal with your lovable creatures to get amazing new items that will let you deposit a ton of cash. Rescue this wonderful business from complete ruin again and become the most extravagant animal breeder in the whole nation, find your true secret livelihood and participate in your new life without limits!

In this amazing homestead testing system, you can continue the existence of a livestock farmer by harvesting your crops, selling your harvests and buying new livestock to add to your assortment. You will have the precious chance to explore new places and meet new characters, along with facing the highs and lows of cultivating life.

A young lady named Jane acquired from a distant family member a homestead located in a secluded place near the mountains. You in the game Family Home Imperial Society will help the young lady to maintain the ranch. In front of you on the screen you will see the area in which your homestead will be located. You have to develop the land and sow it with crops. As the harvest ripens, you will raise domestic creatures and various birds. The moment the mining is ready, you need to collect it. You can productively sell the next available items. With the returns, you can buy appliances, grain and various pets. You can also hire several groups to work with you.