Alpha Guns

Alpha Guns is a 2D arcade shooter game that is animated by Metal Slug. In the game you play as a metal officer. You can use your metal snails to fight huge numbers of enemies (such as managers and officer crews) while causing considerable anger. Shoot each of the villains in this epic activity, the pressed side looking over the game. Open new missions, buy new weapons and refine your abilities until you become the alpha №1 of the square. Shoot them with style in this exciting internet shooting game. A group of super shooters will run wild around the city in the game Alpha Guns to fight against groups of hooligans. Until then, only one saint will be available to you, he will parachute and quickly enter the battle, in light of the fact that the young boys are currently sitting firmly for him. Help the legend, he willingly has to fight on two fronts, desperate advancing to the left and crawling to the right. Bring money with rewarding activities to get to the use of different individuals from our strike group. To change the legend, change his weapon, making it even more impressive and deadly.