The Quest Of Tower

Help Vambre and Prohyas protect the Warrior HQ in Quest of Towers! It seems that the Warriors will never rest as the villains are constantly ready to attack. This time, the relatives embark on a mission to protect their home from ill-wishers. Do you have things to protect the HQ? As with some other similar tower defense challenges, your responsibility is to prevent the flood of enemies that have arrived at your base. To achieve this, you need to place guard towers in strategic places and take down each and every one of the beasts! Use your unusual powers and find support from various heroes to effectively attack and defeat the villains! To use your abilities and capacities, you just need to left-click on the component you need using the mouse. In case you need a character to help you and take control of more than one of the peaks, you need to tap on it and choose the partner you need to use. First and foremost, you need to unlock the highlights by playing the game. The more you progress, the more opportunities for interactivity you will have. Gradually you will find more characters and exclusive opportunities, but in addition, new enemies! There are three supervisors in total, and you'll unlock one more after completing all phases of the last battle. The beasts will attack you in waves, which you can observe by looking at the beginning. You have to make valiant efforts to ensure that they don't arrive at your base, as you just get a few lives for each battle! To get more spikes for attacking the enemies, you need to pay some diamonds to get your partners to help you. All the animals drop some after being crushed, so try to kill as many homeless as possible to collect more money! Despite the fact that you need all the tops to raid, you should try to keep the more grounded characters available when the bosses appear! You can use your less powerful partners to launch an attack on friends and then win the boss fight by hitting them with your most outstanding abilities! In case you need a fight to speed up, you can hit the fast forward button, but you still need to focus harder on your partners to ensure they are still protected! Each peak has a clock that is constantly running down. In case you don't power up on schedule, your characters will leave their positions and you have to spend more diamonds to get them back. How about, would you say you are prepared for the test? Vambre and Prohyas need your help to keep their home safe, so start the mission and fight alongside your companions!