Sir Bottomtight

Sir Bottomtight - Hereditary Palaeologus. His family, each of the men wanted to travel and have high titles. Still, Sir Bottom's site has become the best, as it is facing difficulties all the time. He went on a dangerous mission to remove lands somewhere in hot Africa. However, his plane crashed in the tangled desert, which is rich in wild clans of Indians. They trust the enemy of Sir Bottom Toyota and must accordingly recognize it as penance. The game Sir Bottom Tight must save this reckless hero and traveler. He has a weapon, he can shoot a bat or another enemy. It is certain that our legend has figured out how to run fast, but since then he can face an obstacle. He is so fast that he does not look at his feet. Help her by making a jump or double jump when the obstacle is much higher. However, the gold, our saint did not miss insatiable, so he chose to collect each of the sculptures, which were placed savage security clans. Close aborigines are currently angering our researcher, so you should consider purchasing some new abilities in the game, Sir Bottomtayt, so it was easier to take the risk and you can buy another weapon. It is certainly valuable for the future researcher to escape alive and with many relics. How long could you keep him alive and collect gold statuettes. Test your ability to run and jump by playing with the locals in Sir Bottomtayt. Among the valuable prizes you can buy a magnet. It will help you draw dolls without dealing with them, but while running. It is not easy to know when the front of the locals, for bats, this and try to take the legend on his head, and yet not to miss a lonely antique. Given all this, the main reason for this was definitely not a young traveler - to get back any number of gold gifts that could be expected in the circumstances. He wants to get rich on them, so here and there insatiability can be erased.