Subway Surfers World Mumbai

What do surfers do, the home where there is no ocean, they come up with something else to divert - they fight over the sheets on the rails. On the rails trains are cleaned, the extreme coast serfernaya board, no worse than the waves. Tram sprint princess, bus line, remote forests with growing endless coincidence! Remove as soon as possible, avoid oncoming trains and transports. Carefully moving the wood in the wood! Natural controls for running left or right, jumping in the sky to get more coins, an invigorated slide for well-being! Help your adored adorable princess get out of the police! Use a skateboard after a double tap, try the interesting board in the tram. Challenge the highest result of the position with the world players or offer results in the accompanying list. Open a level to get more points. Gain experience to open your level through complete missions or boxes. the more point multipliers you have, the higher score you get. Metro Princess Sprinter is an eternal princess who competes to be the best sprinter, in addition to saving the beautiful princess. Open the level to get more characters, take as many jewelry or coins as you can.