War Master

Gather your soldiers and head to the frontline in War Master! In this system game, you take control of a military base that withstands an attack. It's really up to you to craft a military enclosure, train your soldiers and lead them into battle. After crushing your enemies, they will drop shiny rewards. You can use them to rank up. As you rank up, you'll unlock more weapons like tanks, attack helicopters and, surprisingly, atomic bombs to use against your opponents. Is it true that you are the mastermind who will win every battle?

Capturing the enemy base and defeating the enemy armed forces is the main objective in the three-layered universe of war, where you will take control of a crew of heroes ready to fight to the last drop of blood for their regions. In any case, do you have the right things to take up arms and have an idea how best to attack and what should be the advantage of the amount of warriors over the opponent for complete triumph? Search for answers in the game and fight until the opponent is crushed.