Cookie Crush 3

Cookie Crush 3 is the third part of the well-known Cookie Crush series. Compare a set of sweet treats in three lines to clear them from the game. There are more than 700 levels and a set of catalysts to use along the way. Spend good moments coordinating! Swap places for your cakes and treats to arrange them in one delicious column of at least three (of a similar kind). This will clear up those who coordinate with desserts, and will provide a place for all the sweeter treats to come into play. Each level will give you a mission to coordinate a number of sweet things. Various supporters are available to help clear columns, segments and surprisingly full boards. For example, coordinating with five straight makes a healing bomb. You can buy promoters with the coins you acquire. Use them on all levels when you're stuck, or at the perfect second. Quickly coordinate the integrity of the treats in this really fun online game "match-3". Trade around desserts to coordinate with at least 3 such treats to remove them from the game. Follow the intuitive instructional exercise to figure out how to play, then try to beat the levels completely at this point. In the third piece of the game Cookie Crush 3 we go again with you to a distant fantastic country, where people live extremely attached to different desserts. You have to go to the far corners of the planet and visit many urban areas, where there are fairs where you will sell various desserts. It will be broken into cells in which different delicacies with different shapes and shades will appear. You need to follow similar articles and show them in three consecutive ways. This will remove them from the plate. A lot has changed since your last visit. Obviously for the better! Recently, everything has become a little brighter and more pleasant. At its center is Cookie Crush 3 remaining parts of the game you know and love. Once again, you need to combine somewhere around three fragrant delicacies to remove them from the board and achieve the goals of the level to advance in your trip. In any case, there is something else! Meet your new host Gingy, the charming gingerbread man. He will be happy to guide you through more than 700 levels and show you each of the scammers you need to know to solve even the most complex puzzles.