Loop Hexa

Loop Hexa is an easy puzzle that offers difficulty with progressive problems. The interface is decent, with the shading changing every time you win a round. The most effective method of playing: Simply rotate the pieces to discover the mix. You need to connect all the lines to make closed shapes. Until each of them follows this example, it is absurd to expect them to advance to the next levels. Step-by-step game instructions: Match the example in the square cells with a hexagon to figure out the puzzles. Tap any of the hexes to rotate them until the example, line or funnel inside the Hex square matches and connects each conclusion to the example, line or channel in the associated or nearby hex. No remaining details are allowed, the entire puzzle must match and be fully connected After each round, the companion puzzle will evolve with more Loop Hex, building the game's trouble. Step-by-step instructions to win: Throughout the example, the line must coordinate its associated hexagon so as to solve the puzzle. The level is complete when everything is connected with no details left inside the puzzle.