Light the Lamp

Light the Lamp is a puzzle game where your main objective is to connect the power plug. It might sound simple, but you really want to think hard to get it going! The line is of limited length and there are safe places to stay away from. Make it a point or use the hint button at the top if needed. What number of lights could you effectively light at any given time?

Get ready for Light the Lamp, a silly puzzle game where you can light a bulb by choosing some way to connect the drapery plug in the plug! There is a wide range of cool difficulties that await you.

Your main goal? Light the bulb by looking at the fitting that swings out of it and connect it to the socket. It looks like an uncertain puzzle experience that will keep you honest! We got to see if you can light up the room with your magnificent modular abilities.

It's your commitment to connect in addition to the short at the end to make a continuous that can illuminate every one of the lights you have here. We assume the game will be a good time for you. There are countless levels and therefore center around each one of them. There is no time limit, except that you have to try not to connect some unacceptable shafts.