Stick War Adventure

Stick War Adventure is an active battle game with agaiast, your opponent. Collect falling things and gold as you defeat your opponents, and use them to transform your personality to make it significantly more grounded. Immerse yourself in an incomparable experience thanks to the fearless and prepared stickman in the game Stick War Adventure, where you have to gather courage and collect things along the way while facing the floods of very strong animal executioners. Notice the front line and move fast while sending a wide range of strong attacks, while defending yourself with your powerful defenses. Forward without fear as you pass through mysterious entrances that allow you to reach other secret places in the mystical forest land. Can you stand the many overseers ready to end your life? Stickman's dearest character does not stand aside and today in the game Stick War Adventure he came into conflict. As usual, one against the whole world. I am happy that this time he is in full combat gear. He is dangerous and not only in light of the fact that he is equipped, he has various unusual attacks for later, which will amaze the enemy. The enemy becomes more and more grounded with each new level, so be sure to update the legend after each level, increase its solidarity and unique combat abilities, as you will face managers in front of you. Make a few treats for them. Numerous prizes will be available from now on at the basic level, the rest will be open as you move to triumph in the game Stick War Adventure.