Speed King

Speed King is an unusual arcade game with stage and puzzle components. As a swift individual of the Imperial Family, you are legally qualified to destroy everything that exists in your realm. Practice this properly by hitting every case you find in a quick manner. You can slide to any road to run fast. Keep sliding around the level, avoiding enemies and obstacles and focusing on the level boundaries to move on the right course. Simple, right? All things considered, one method of finding. Jump into the game and complete each level and return to your high position as the speed ruler.

Speed King welcomes you to a mystical puzzle game where you must guide the master through his kingdom while clearing each of the chests in front of his palace.

Many obstacles will hold you back! Still, provided you really try to spot the environmental elements cautiously, you'll actually want to move in the right direction as you clear each side of the stage and make your way to the treasure-filled palace.