Doctor Acorn 3

Again in the third part of the game Doctor Acorn 3 we will find ourselves in the forest where the big acorn seed specialist lives. Our legend usually restores and helps each of the creatures that live in the forest. It was as if one of the penguins had called his home phone. They had a vague affliction and asked for help. Our attending physician immediately packed his medicine bag and set off. You will help your legend overcome each of the risks that seek him. Your legend must bypass all the risk zones located around. He can also collect various things scattered all over the place. They might be useful. Help Doctor Acorn 3 build a snowman in this exciting installment of the well-known Doctor Acorn series. Collect some snow as you guide the oak seed through each level safely and productively. Touch objects, throw snowballs and keep traveling through each stage until you complete the levels and unlock each of the achievements in this fun web based game. Doctor Acorn 3 is a puzzle game created by Smaller than očekivano Duck Games. Help a group of penguins make a snowman by collecting some snow while guiding the acorn through each level safely. Touch objects, throw snowballs and keep traveling through the obstacles until you help each of the penguins and open each of the achievements! Stay away from opponents like the dangerous pigs before they eat seeds from a specialized oak tree. Want to make a snowman?