Mini Market: Tycoon

Mini Market: Tycoon is another addictive online game in which you will constantly build and manage your store. You have recently opened another store in your city and you are all alone. Tons of customers visit your store all the time, so try to be great at everything so you don't get discouraged. You can bring big money and in return you can open new departments in your grocery store. More splits means more pay and more full clients. Don't forget to implement various improvements in the update menu. You can also buy assistants and take care of your duties faster. Lets do it. Mini Market: Tycoon is a reconstruction game that will help you face the business life. Start by opening a smaller than expected store and grow it into a store domain. Your main goal is to satisfy your customer, offer great items from meat to organic produce to bring in as much money as you can expect. Allow customers to fill their shopping carts. Become the ultimate grocery store supervisor. Attract merchants and make them increase your deals and benefits. Set the compensation of workers from different divisions. Also work with your customers by offering them a wider range of choices and good items. A young man, Jack, after taking a loan from a bank, fabricated his own small market. Our legend needs to create a whole organization of such stores, and you will help him in this in Mini Market: Tycoon with games. In front of you on the screen will appear the corridor of the store, in which your personality will be found. The moment the entrances open, customers will start entering. You must serve them. Assuming buyers are reaching out to you, you need to help them find the items they're looking for. From this point on, customers must go with you to the checkout and pay for their purchases. This is how you bring money. When there are enough of them, you can hire workers. Therefore, you will expand your shop and buy new items.