In, grab your blades and head to the field to defeat your rivals. Including online multiplayer interactivity, the opposition and threat never ends in this game. Would you be able to collect enough coins to improve your character and become more grounded? Is it true that you are ready to face different players? You have to be careful as the sharp end of their blades are aimed at you! The aim of this game is to dominate every game by crushing the wide range of different players and be the last one standing. You can play this game with your mouse. With coins you can buy blades. Mixing two similar blades will make another and redesigned. Make an honest effort to repair your blade as much as you can. You can buy coins from multiple perspectives. The best way is to play the match and dominate it. You can also complete various missions to collect coins as a reward. Move around the field by clicking and hanging on the screen while moving the cursor. Stop touching the screen to enter safe mode. Hitting the center of your enemy knocks them out. Good luck and enjoy the game!