Funny Eye Surgery

Funny Eye Surgery is a clinical recreation game where you become an ophthalmologist and treat patients in your own eye center. Start by cleaning their eyes of germs and bugs using eye drops. At this point, you can perform vigorous clinical activities such as vision test and waterfall treatment, but also play with your patients by choosing the best glasses, stickers and caps for them. Check it out and watch your patients leave your center happy! You don't need to be an eye specialist to understand how stunning this game is. Help your patient solve his eye problems in this clever internet game. Play as an ophthalmologist as you fix your patient with all eye problems. Use your tools to free the youngster from all problems in this relaxing medical procedure game. Luke and Laura are neglected by their eyes, staring at a tablet all day, sitting in front of the TV in the semi-darkness, and never getting proper rest. This is causing eye problems and now they need to go to an eye specialist. How about we fix these kids eyes so they can see better!