Words Detective Bank Heist

Words Detective Bank Heist is a word puzzle game where you have to help the best criminal investigator on the planet in his investigation by tracing a large number of words to reveal an undeniably exciting story.

Words Detective Bank Heist is a word puzzle game that draws motivation from the brain. The game follows the story of a bank robbery that is presented as a funny cartoon. To reveal each board from the strip, the player must solve a word puzzle. The puzzle involves filling in several spaces with letters that are available to the player. When the player types a word, the game shows the letters that are perfectly positioned in green and those that are essential to the arrangement but in some unacceptable place in blue. The player then takes several tries to find the correct word. In case the player stops, he can use the clue ability to reveal the base letter.

Solve mystery cases to shed light on the biggest heist in 100 years with Words Detective Bank Heist! Follow the plot, guess the words and see where they take you! Save the city with your supreme lingo and analyst abilities! Assuming you have your ID, you're all set!

Explore the story of the best analyst in town by tackling word puzzles in this game! Follow the pieces, fill the tiles with the correct letters and solve mysteries! The honesty of this city depends on you! Could you at some point use your lingo to track down the hoodlums and get the money back? It's simple! All you have to do is look at the comics and guess the following word. Look at the pictures and try to trace the vital things or actions in them. Really look at the letters to see if you can make the word you have as your main concern. If not, you can use the hint button to get a little help and let your creative mind do the rest. In the event that a letter is blue, that letter has a place with another situation in that letter. Green means the letter is in the correct position and you can fill in the rest. Uncover the lost pieces of this exciting story and be the legend of the town.

Well-known analyst Jack Smith will today look at another complicated case. You are in another amazing web based game Words Detective Bank Heist will help the analyst to investigate the case. In front of you on the screen you will see the battlefield, on which there will be free cells in the upper part. In them you need to enter the word. You have to take it. At the bottom of the battlefield, you will see a board on which there will be letters from the letter set. By touching them with the mouse, you can move these letters into the solid shapes. Your task is to get something out of the letters. In case your answer is correct, you will get focuses in Words Detective Bank Heist game and proceed to higher level of the game.