Sheep Party

This is a free, easy-to-use arcade game with HD design for 1 to 4 players. Actually: 4 players on a similar screen. It's so much fun! In case you need to play with your companions a similar game, at the same time, on a similar gadget, you will simply adore this game. Obviously, you can play alone against the computer, but this game is significantly more fun with real players. You are sheep. An extremely adorable sheep. There are three more adorable sheep like you. The wolf ... Actually there is a wolf, as in every sheep story ..., turns his nose and has to jump or block it. In the event that she obstructs him at the perfect time, she will go the alternate route. In case you get the timing right, it will proceed to another sheep, blocking it. In the event that your nose contacts you ... loosen it. The clockwork and the faucet go faster in succession. Extremely straightforward gameplay yet so addictive.