Hyper Evolution

Hyper Evolution is a relaxed recreation game where you have to assemble assets, craft tools, rest, chase and eat in order to survive on the islands. Evolve yourself from rough to cutting edge. Do your best and see what you can become.

Hyper Evolution is an exciting experience game in which you have to go through a long and difficult path, watching the human turn of events! You will find yourself in a small remote place in the sea, where you need to find a sufficient number of materials to make a pontoon. Explore the region for all kinds of important things that you can later use to make devices and many different things.

The actual situation speaks to the goals and objectives you'll be looking for as a member of a three-tier endurance test system, going through each one of the phases of becoming an individual who finds himself in a remote location and is currently trying to get with the help of the climate, which means regular assets. Don't throw anything away, think about what can be used for development, what can be sold and what can be saved for you. This is the main way you can commit and become a cutting-edge individual.