Lucky Looter

In Lucky Looter, get ready to sneak and break into houses! As perhaps the best and most subtle cheats in town, evening time is the point where you operate. With such countless resource houses around, you'll never turn down a useful open door. How many houses could you rob before you get caught? Each of the houses is unoccupied and who realizes where the owners are? Better not to sit idle with questions and all other things being equal, enter one of these domains to get what you can! Your goal in this game is to complete each level by getting all the available items in them without getting caught. Being a criminal isn't easy, but controlling this game is! You only need the mouse to play this game. Click the play button on the main menu to start. Click and drag the mouse around the screen to move the person. The moment you approach something, you will subsequently collect it. At the highest point of the screen you can see your progress bar. Collecting every one of the things in a level fills that bar completely. You procure stars dependent on it. At certain levels you will experience monitors. They have a specific viewing course shown in pink. Avoid their spotlight, but in case it's unavoidable, stop moving to take cover under cover. Fortunate Looter is a fun internet game in which you will play as a criminal. Your objective is somewhat clear - you need to break into a house, take as much stuff as possible, and then get into your car once more. The more things you get, the more stars you'll get, so you'll have a good time. The main level will be basic enough, but in the next level there will be a cop that you will need to stay away from as he will try to pick you up. Be cautious and try to stay in the shadows. The game can also be played on the phone, so please give it a try! Try to rob each job without being acquired. Test your karma as you try to grab as many items as you can to complete each level. In light of the well-known app, this online adaptation is relatively entertaining. Keep looting and staying away from the catch until you complete the difficulty entirely.