Merge Push

Press and consolidate the numbers as you try to get to the point where this would be possible. Do not allow the squares to arrive at the base while quickly pressing new numbers to get closer to such numbered blocks. Keep getting closer until you run out of space, at which point your highest score will be added to the lagging charts and you can see how you accumulate. Jump into deep space with Merge Push! This game brings a recent trend to the exemplary union game you know and love. This time you are somewhere far away in space, drifting with numbers. You have a great time task that will require you to use your numerical knowledge. Is it safe to say that you are ready to challenge your abilities now? In this game, as in an example union game, you plan to collect the indistinguishable squares and allow them to merge into another square. In this game, when you have a square that converges to another square, you get a square with a number from back to back. Along these lines, when you start with square number 2, you have to get at least two of these squares next to each other to get square number 4. You have to keep in mind that when you combine a square and get another square, the number of squares to mix will increase mathematically. This way you will not run out of space at a given time, as you will get one square of several squares. Your goal at some point is not to run out of space. This will be possible in light of the fact that when you mix several squares, you will see the border rise in the table as you provide tricks with each square you combine. You will be given the new square, which you will send between the squares, below the matrix. In principle, you can touch the square to be sent. Currently, clear your brain to have useful techniques for consolidating numbers. The online game Merge Push is mainly fun, where you want to consolidate blocks with the numbers themselves, which appear at the highest point of the battlefield and gradually descend. Mixing will help to obtain a square with a huge number and will reduce the number of squares on the battlefield. For all who like to spend the perfect opportunity for different riddles and riddles, we present the new game Merge Push. You have to add a specific number in it. You will do this in a truly elementary way. A square battlefield, usually isolated in cells, will appear on the screen. At the bottom of the screen you will see a board that will display blocks with recorded numbers. This way you have to move them to the battlefield. For this situation, make the 3D squares with similar numbers touch each other. Then, at this point, they will consolidate and get another number. So by interacting objects with each other, you will achieve the end result.