Monster Truck High Speed

In the game Monster Truck High Speed ​​we have to welcome you to participate in vain races that are hung on different models of beastly trucks. At the beginning of the game you will see a carport in which certain models of vehicles will be found. You need to choose a vehicle according to your taste. Then, at this point, you will find yourself with rivals nearby, in which the competition will take place. At the sign, you all rush down the street, moving slowly. Your task is to drive a dexterous vehicle to overtake each of your rivals, or try to drive them down the street in order for them to get out of the race. In the same way you have to go through each of the speed deviations and bounce off the springboards that are introduced in and out. During the jump you can play each stunt, which will be evaluated by a number of tricks. By dominating the race, you will get tricks for which you can buy another vehicle.