Response-based shooting match, in which you want to shoot at the exact second to destroy all your opponents. Try the triumph by facing your enemies in Confront! In case you are looking for an event where you will help your confidence, this game is just for you! Now face your opponents and take them down separately! Here you will see one of the most unusual shooting matches ever. You will find yourself in the center of the barricade with your weapon. Therefore, your personality revolves around you. This way you should stay close to your firearm, as these in addition to your shooting skills are the things that will save you! However, there is a significant remark. Whenever you are surrounded by gatherings, you should not forget to remember that not every one of them is your enemy. There will also be impeccable ordinary citizens at the barricade. Assuming you shot one of these incapacitated people, you will be shot. In addition, you must shoot each of your opponents before you are out of range. So, now get ready to throw out each of your opponents individually and save your life, except for the flawless individuals. In the new intriguing game ConFront you have to help the main person to cope and shoot the creators of problems. The screen in front of you will show a specific area in which your personality will be equipped with a laser sight weapon. There will be villains with firearms around him who must shoot him. Your saint will begin to revolve around his pole. You need to check the screen. When the laser bar focuses on the problem maker, you need to touch the screen with the mouse. This will force your legend to shoot. If your point is correct, the projectile will hit the enemy and erase him. Remember that your saint must not miss. In case this happens, the enemy will shoot him.