With the new addictive puzzle game Hex FRVR, you can test your attentiveness and good judgment. Before you on the screen you will see a battlefield with a specific mathematical shape. Inside, it will be divided into octagonal cells. Some of them will be loaded with octahedra. An exclusive control panel will be located on the right. Things consisting of octahedra will appear inside it. These elements will have a certain mathematical form. You have to pick them up with the mouse and drag them onto the battlefield. You have to arrange them so that they fill each of the cells. When this happens, these things will disappear from the battlefield and you will be given a certain number of focuses. Hex FRVR is straightforward but fun to dominate the puzzle game. Make and destroy entire lines on the screen in each of the main three camps by moving squares to the screen and get amazing combo rewards by clearing different lines at the same time. Crafted by Chris Benjaminsen. Fill the monstrous hexagon with stacks of colored blocks! This puzzle game reworks the conventional ongoing interaction of Tetris. Instead of playing with falling pieces, you can immediately choose which shape to use. In Hex FRVR, every common line in the matrix will disappear for extra focuses!