Sugar Eyes

Sugar Eyes is a mystery game made by WeDoYouPlay. In this consolidating game, your goal is to join small beasts with similar shading - or similar eye measure - to make further developed animals. You will get a lone beast or a collection of beasts to plug into the net, so you need to think deliberately and turn the parts of your space use productively. You can also make combined combinations to build your score. Keep your little eyes alert and beat the high scores of your companions. Go to areas where beautiful animals live. They are called Sugar Eyes or Sugar Eyes for their excessive love of desserts and especially unadulterated sugar. In any case, it doesn't matter to you. You will assist the beasts in the development and for this you must interact at least three objects with a similar shadow and shape. Below you will see beasts that look separate or two, and then more. Mark them in the field in free cells. Before that, you can change the position of the animals relative to each other so that they are released into the field as efficiently and usefully as you can really expect. Your order is to keep the space as free as possible so that there is room to get the right mixes in Sugar Eyes.