Funny Camping Day

Funny Camping Day is an exciting camping game. Would you like to participate in a day camp ?! Go out with your favorite companions in Timberland. Help them do amazing camp exercises: set up camp, set up your tents, evaluate fishing and light the pit. Take some of your companions in different exercises. Get involved with the game. An organization of small creatures today went in late spring to set up camp to have a great time there. You in the game Funny Camping Day will help them in this. The escorts will show up at the camp with the transport, and you will help them get out of it. They will be greeted by a deer trainer named Nikola. He will commit to each of the legends. You will help to satisfy them. Each of them will be related to the game plan of the camp. The main thing you need to do is light a fire and create a shelter. Then at this point you get fruit and catch new fish in the lake. From these items you need to set up a delicious dinner for everyone.