Baby Hippo Care

Baby Hippo Care is a casual game that lets your little ones have a good time completing tasks and figuring out how to handle babies and their companions. You are responsible for brushing their teeth, dressing them, picking their clothes and changing their diapers. Control in Baby Baby Hippo Care is clear for children. You just need to tap the different components or move them around by dragging on the screen. You just have to swipe up or flat depending on the situation. As usual in these types of titles, Baby Hippo Care offers great motion illustrations that are sure to hold your youngster's attention. However, the best part is really finding the opportunity to actually do the exercise needed to handle babies. There is a huge assortment of exercises and each one is very fun to complete. All things considered, you'll need to open them constantly as you progress through the game. Initially, you will begin to care for, wash and care for some of the characters.