Angry Granny Run: India

Our dearest angry grandmother got out of the nursing home! Join her in her last run as she goes on a trip to India in Angry Gran Run: India. In a moderately short period we have a sequel to our cherished frantic grandmother. This time he was chosen for the busy roads of India, specifically in the city of Mumbai. However, the work continues as before, run quite far, beware of obstacles and collect coins. You can then purchase various updates for them. The brave grandmother escaped from the nursing home, where she was accommodated through caring family members. She was sent to India, but that did not stop the lively grandmother. She plans to return, but is currently racing on the roads of an Indian city. Since you are her ally, you have to help Grandma, because she just has to come back. The speed of the old sprinter is a bit high. You need to be able and able to overcome various obstacles. The roads in the city are thin, a leaf dealer can be found around, and elephants don't care who runs there. Depending on the height of the stone, make a championship jump or run while avoiding Angry Granny Run: India. Help the crazy grandmother get out of the shelter again. This time she is in India! Avoid hitting, jumping, sliding and collecting as many coins as you can. Try not to be exposed!