Celestial Fall

It is regularly easier to climb a mountain than to dive from it. The legend of the game Celestial Fall - block yellow man defeated the highest peak in the realm of squares. After climbing to the top, he began to rejoice for himself and for his achievements, and when he saw that he had a difficult dive, he considered everything and asked for your help. His record ascent will be recalled at the moment and you have to set your own standard. Pass the legend through the white snow blocks, avoiding dangerous dark holes. In case you notice a rainbow or red gems, collect them to renew the range of prizes. Try to reach the greatest distance and get more tricks. The divine fall is down, which carefully examines your reflexes and understanding! Be quick to decide your path, try to get around the holes and really rethink the jump to the blue square. Divine Fall is an HTML5 endurance game in which you really want to help the beast descend right down the slope.