Operation Desert Road

An exclusive internet game that has various insane levels designed just for you. You will be passing through desert regions, so be prepared for that. You will probably kill your enemies, destroy structures and - the main part - you will appear safely at your target. Incredible reflexes will be filled with benefits, as they will allow you to react more quickly to the circumstances in which you find yourself. So ... in case you realize that you have an exceptional reaction time, why sit idly by! Come and give the game a chance. In Operation Desert Road, you must complete a series of missions on your tank to clear the streets in the desert of bandits boiling over them. In front of you on the screen you will see a street that runs through the desert. Your tank will move on it constantly, gaining speed. Examine the screen carefully. When you come, you may encounter different types of obstacles that, moving around, you will actually want to get around. When you notice hooligans' vehicles, get close to them at a certain distance. As soon as you are ready, put them in sight and make a shot. If your point is correct, the shot will hit the vehicle of the crooks and erase it. For this you will be given tricks in the game Operation Desert Road. In Operation Desert Road, drive your pixelated tank behind enemy lines while guarding against enemy fires and destroying everything you see. After a while, open new tanks and supports for creatures to help you achieve your main goal of clearing the desert streets of villains.