Gun Builder

In Gun Builder you can make your own firearms. Have you ever wondered how the most dangerous firearms are made and what parts they include? A miracle no more! From famous weapons like Uzis to small pistols, you can make any firearm you like in this addictive game. You can switch between two game modes in Gun Builder. You can make a fully modified firearm, or follow the outline to put together an effective weapon. What type of firearms will you create? If you believe that the best defense is a worthy offense, guns are the perfect weapon for you. Get ready to investigate the weapons production cycle in this addictive game. Gun Builder offers 2 distinctive game modes for you to appreciate. The first is Build Mode, where you must craft a firearm as indicated by the blueprints you can collect in each level. In the left half of the screen you can see the segment of parts with different classifications. It's the grip, the rim, the barrel and all the extras for that extra special touch. To construct a firearm, drag a segment of one of the classifications into the structure territory and spot each part in the correct contour region. When you complete your weapon, it's a perfect opportunity to test it out. As the manufacturer of the firearm, you will be the main person who will lead the tests. Do an objective practice to see if your creation works. The moment you are satisfied with the results, you can move forward to the next level. In assembly mode, you can unlock new parts for each level passed. Each level will prove to be even more challenging, discovering new firearm plans that require more parts. The second game mode is Creative Mode. You can use the parts you unlocked when you played Build Mode to make the custom weapon you've always wanted! You can make an assortment of one-of-a-kind weapons. Make big weapons like shotguns, rifles and even military-grade hard stuff, or take a jab to make little pistols that spies couldn't think of anything better to use!