Ninja Parkour Multiplayer

Ninja Parkour Multiplayer is a 2D game where your goal is to stay clear of obstacles on your way to the farthest edge of the course. Rapid development and jumps in accuracy will take you far. Shaking will bring you right back to the beginning.

You can play in a private room or jump into a room full of different ninjas of a similar level as you - reach the farthest reaches of this bustling Japanese megacity without getting hurt. The game is set on water and overhead, so you'll end up jumping on overhead lamps, tackling floating sushi, scaling huge plates, momentum-moving through chopsticks, clinging to pagodas, and is just the beginning. The aim is vertical, so these ninja strategies and moves are fundamental.

As a general rule, you have four controls that you can use. This is a WASD game, so your progression is limited to jumping, walking backwards, and walking forward. Your ninja can move forward and some of the jumps are tight - this is where your accuracy will become an integral factor. One slip can send you tumbling into the deep waters and back to where you started, or ideally onto a piece of land right below you if you're lucky.

Every ninja fighter must have agility and great reflexes. Today, in the new exciting web-based game Ninja Parkour Multiplayer, you will help your legend to perfect these properties using parkour. Your personality will be evident on the screen in front of you, going around the area to move around. Controlling the activities of the ninja, you will jump starting from one item, then to the next, climbing obstacles and going around various loops. Along the way, you will collect gold coins and various things that in the game Ninja Parkour Multiplayer will bring you tricks, and the legend will receive additional improvements.

Ninjas are exceptional champions who know no fatigue or fear, they are lightning fast and solid, they realize how would normally be undetectable and they consistently complete their tasks. Anyway, only people who train a lot and constantly develop their abilities can become a ninja. By chance, in the new multiplayer platformer you have the incredible chance to participate in the training of a ninja and become one of the members in the progressively creating activity.