Legendary Sniper

Take your firearm, hold your breath, aim, shoot, hit the target! It's simple, now you're a shooter. Expert shooting shooter gives you the most practical shooting experience, with an assortment of unusual firearms, each weapon can give you distinctive shooting fun. You can use them to shoot at bottles, hives, organic products, drones and many other intriguing targets. With more than 40 levels hanging tight so you can challenge them, would you say you're ready to become an amazing shooter? Jack serves in an exceptional crew as a shooter. He is often sent alone by the most dangerous missions. Today our personality will take part in a secret activity code-named Legendary Sniper. He must enter the enemy region and destroy many tricks there. Your legend will be on pause. When you see the aggressor, make him see your rifle and open fire when you're ready. Attempt to kill the enemy with a single shot penetrating the imperative organs of the enemy.