Stickman Army The Resistance

Stickman Army: The Resistance is a great fighting game with guards, in which you have to control two warriors from Stickman and try to succeed as much as possible. Each stickman character covers one side of the guarded peak and you must switch between the two precautions to prevent the situation from invading. You start with fundamental weapons and precautions, and you need to open new hardware as you progress. Using the credits you gain towards the finale at each level, you can redesign your peak and protect it, and also buy new weapons for your characters. As you continue to play, the levels become more diligent and you will experience an expanded measure of opponents. Could you help the stickman's obstruction to endure and defend their position? Repel the enemy's armed forces from your top to move from one level to another. You need to update your weapons and strengthen your top to protect your opponents and kill them before they kill you. Use your attention well in this game as the opponent comes from different sides. In case you really get in trouble, use the "rage" mode, where you can fire twice as many projectiles as in normal mode. Stickman Army: The Resistance is an HTML5 game that you can play both for work area and for freefree mobile phones in your program for nothing. In Stickman Army: The Resistance, take responsibility for a team with a figure and try to deal with the floods of enemies using a variety of weapons and hardware. As hints of shooting mingle with the noise of helicopters, this desert deserves the nickname, the green curse. Get your weapons out and go straight into battle! Would you be able to complete each level without getting a scratch? The fight started effectively, so you better save your place! The enemy will not stop until he wipes you out. Reload your firearm and sit firmly for the right second! The object of the game is to kill every opponent in each level without erasing your foundation. With 8 different weapons and 6 types of protective equipment, you are prepared for teeth and ready to repel this attack. The game highlights 40 moving levels so you can play, but you must complete each level to open the following. The moment you start a level, the main thing you will see is the weapon identification screen. You start with a basic gun, but as you complete levels and levels, you will open more. In the main menu you can see the tools to use to guard your base. When you open something, you can repair it if you don't have enough coins. Grab a weapon and hit this game catch to start the level. Click on the side of the screen to zero. You will see two catches on each side, one for choosing a weapon and the other for adding precaution. At the highest point of the screen you can see the amount of mint pieces you have, your rage meter and the stars you have collected. You can activate the rage mode when it reaches 50, and this way your characters will trade more damage.