Penalty Kicks

Do your spikes and get ready to score a goal on the football field! This free kick game makes you shoot the ball past the controversial goalkeeper. Set the ideal shot height and point before making the player roll. Each new level adds additional goalkeepers. Penalty Kicks is a football game that puts you in the place of a penalty. You have 15 endeavors to score as many goals as possible. In this game with extra shots we have to shoot a limit of 15 goals in one move. All shots will be fired on the spot and directly against the goalkeeper, as all things are taken into account. The more shots you aim well, the more goals and results you will get for the round. More penalties, football or sports events for your mobile phone or tablet. Hello, football spreads there! Need to rehearse your kicks? Penalty Kicks is the perfect game for you. This game can be played on both computer and laptop, so you can rehearse whenever you want. Check if you can objectify more than the others in the ranking!