Teen Titans Go! Jump City Rescue

Teen Titans Go !: Jump City Rescue is a fun game from our cherished animated show Younger titans go. Our little saints will guard the city, which is full of robots and other dangerous things. Just go into space and go around the end and reinstall the power supply, so you have to face deadly clocks and fight against them to reach the goal. Complete all levels and dominate the match. For Teen Titans, defending honest people is a common thing they do all the time, but this time in Teen Titans Go Jump City Rescue, they have to save an entire city from the invasion of red robots. You have to control Robin - the head of the Titans. He will move by jumping in stages. When you encounter different types of robots: stationary or dynamic, you want to press the space bar to destroy them and collect prize coins. Once you reach the entrance, break it and the level will be completed effectively. The new saint will face new difficulties and more troubling in Teen Titans Go Jump City Rescue.