Funny Zoo Emergency

Funny Zoo Emergency is a nice creature care game. Here are some creatures that require some attention. Some have multiple wounds, some need leg repairs, and others need dental treatment. So be a specialist and help these creatures in our zoo. Help a lion with an injury to his teeth, clean him finally and dress them up. The zebra needs a leg rehab and the elephant needs a robust medical procedure. Funny Zoo Emergency is a stunning game where you have to deal with these children's creatures. Fix their infection, heal injured creatures, clean every part of the soil, dress them up and make them wonderful once more. Funny Zoo Emergency game personality works in the city zoo. His duties include really focusing on the beings that live within him. You will help him to fulfill his duties. In front of you on the screen, for example, a small offspring of a lion will be noticed. He played all day and is extremely messy right now. You need to wash the creature using a different shower and clean it. Then look at the creature. In case the lion cub is a bit run down, you need to fix it up using clinical tools and medicines. From that moment on, you must take care of the creature with tasty and nutritious food and put it to sleep. From this moment on, you will start helping the following creature in the game Funny Zoo Emergency.