Stacktris is an arcade game about arranging and adjusting blocks called tetromino without destroying them. Consolidating the delightful Tetris experience with the challenging stacking games on top, Stacktris will take a hard look at your fixing abilities. You get a tetrominmo block that continuously spins dramatically faster. Tap the block to stop it from twisting and drag to move it over the stage and the delivery to drop. Do point by point cautiously, on the grounds that you will lose the game regardless of whether only one block falls. Relax if the game sounds disturbing! You can watch clues and even buy repairs with the coins you've collected. There are boosters like Slow Twist, High Grinding, Coin Magnet, Low Skip, Coin Possibility, Wide Table and Next Block that will make your experience simpler and more enjoyable, so you really want to be patient and focused on Stacktris when you do, it's an enjoyable date like no other! Don't forget to pass the Stacktris to your companions and demonstrate to them that you can assemble the highest Tetromino Pinnacle!