Detective Loupe Puzzle

Detective Loupe Puzzle is a thinking game in which you are an analyst whose profession is to deal with different cases. Be a strong agent and start researching crime scenes to track potential pieces of information. Use hints or the amplifier glass to orient yourself to a specific region and notice indications of suspicious movement. Look for pieces of information, talk to potential suspects, and get evidence of dealing with an alternative violation at each level. There are many energizing different cases that need to be addressed with exceptional characters, stories and occasions. People need you, Mr. Detective. Could you help save innocent lives and shed light on reality? Detective Loupe Puzzle is an analytical game for tracking characters and dealing with various cases. Deal with strange and confusing cases in this clever riddle game with a roar of laughter! Use your insight and mind to examine each case, focusing on the scene and the suspects with a serious examination. Focus on the current evidence and make sure you can handle the wrong action flawlessly!