Subway Surfers: London

The world visit through surfers continues, and after Havana, our legend goes to the capital of the English kingdom of London, and you will follow him in the game Subway Surfers London. Our contestant is in London just before Christmas so expect to see a cop in St Nick's team chasing him. It's certainly not him, but rather a big policeman who, whenever he finds him, will put him in jail for violating the request. The man will run in the working London Underground, one of the most established on the planet. Watch out for trains and sometimes use your skateboard to get away from the police in Subway Surfers London.

Our colleague, a fan of running on rails and carriages, has been several times to one of the important European capitals, but the most important thing is his adoration for London, and he again goes on an exciting excursion loaded with experiences. By the way, he trusts that his natural policeman, his loyal dog, actually remembers how to run!