Adam and Eve Go

In Adam and Eve GO, regardless of the risks and difficulties of the ancient cases, love has figured out how to bloom! Adam loves Eve and will satisfy her successfully. Join this brave mountain man through the many fun and challenging levels of this game! Could you help him overcome the deterrents and bring a pleasant bloom to his life partner? Dinosaurs, traps and many different dangers sit tight for you in this habit forming game! Your goal is to complete each level by collecting a rose and bringing it to Eve. The game highlights 14 unique levels that you need to complete. Start at the basic level. Use the bolt keys to move around and move up and down the steps. Be careful though! You will experience various snares and deterrents. You need an approach to get around them. Either staying on pressure plates or using different items will clear your direction. You will see natural products located on every level. Try to collect as many of them as is reasonable, as they give you extra focuses. Approach different characters and give them what they need to acquire items or even keys! The keys are needed to open the entrances so you can arrive at Eve after collecting the rose. Appreciate it! This is a unique version of Adam and Eve where you can fully control Adam in his quest to find Eve and a suitable house. Adam and Eve GO is another part of this well-known series, where you will once again take responsibility for your legend, Adam. You will encounter many creatures while on your experience, including dinosaurs and mammoths. You will explore tropical western forests, cold mountains and dangerous underground regions. Aside from creatures, you can also meet others who can offer you several missions that you could then complete and claim a reward. The main goal again is to find Eva and get back home. Don't forget to bring her flowers, such incredible happiness.