Jewels Blitz 5

Become the master of gems in Jewels Blitz 5! An amazing experience awaits you with all its superiority and brilliance. Now take these gems and try to break the case in this riddle. Could you at some point become an expert on this mystery? This is a riddle from match 3, which is full of precious stones and important stones. Your final point in this game is to clear each of the gems on the table in each level. To achieve this, you want to hold and slide some of the gems and change their places. The goal of this move is to match at least 3 elements and break their seals. The moment you match these elements, they will pop out of the table and you will finally achieve the clearing of each of the gems from the table. With each fruitful move you will secure tricks. Remember that you have a predetermined number of moves on each level. So try to complete each level in these moves, keep playing and have fun until you complete many more levels that you are looking for. Jewels Blitz 5 is a match-3 game to explore Mayan temples and deal with secrets. Appreciate many levels and acquire gold and supernatural things. In the fifth part of the game Jewels Blitz 5 you will continue to collect diamonds from ancient civilizations. In front of you on the screen you will see the battlefield, broken inside cells. Each of them will be loaded with jewelry of different shapes and varieties. Your endeavor is to look at all this and carefully find a place to collect stones of similar variety and shape. You can move one of them with one cell to any path. You have to subtract from such things a column of something like three things. Therefore, you will remove this collection of things from the battlefield and get tricks on it. You should try to score as many tricks as can be allowed in the time allotted to complete the level. Rate with Jewels Blitz 5 the hotly awaited fifth part of this amazing game of Match 3, which takes place in the puzzling remains of a rich Indian city in Central America! Explore a wide range of boring, treasure-filled sanctuaries as you make an honest effort to solve countless riddles to collect jewelry and focus on your dashboard. Many levels are looking for you to test your understanding and reflexes as you collect indistinguishable gems in lines or segments of at least 3 to give them up and increase your score. Crush your brain, overcome huge obstacles in the desert and appreciate the relaxation after serious work.