Vex 6

Vex 6 is the sixth game in the Vex series. There are several new regulations and difficulties in Vex 6. Not surprisingly, explore through the progression of uncertain loops and obstacles to reach the farthest limit of each level! Like previous Vex games, you will be cut, sprayed and beheaded over and over again by various deadly gadgets. The best way to improve and limit passes is to keep playing until you dominate the method and know the timing flawlessly. There are various rewards included in Vex 6. Each level has 3 objectives, which include creating a certain number of coins and completing the stage without continuing. In the same way, there is a day-to-day rewarding stage, including various rooms and daily orders to meet. You can use your precious Vex coins and extra stars to buy out of control new skins for your Vex character. In the leather shop you can open many wonderful ensembles with contrasting unusualness. In case you appreciate amazing platforms like Vex, check out Fireboy and Watergirl 6 or any past titles from the Vex series. In our main games segment, there are many more games pressed to activity. Vex comes with some unique gaming highlights with part 6 this time! In this part you will actually want to buy new skins for your stickman character, you will have daily missions and trips and you will see new types of obstacles in the game levels. For example, you will try to find fire to blow up dynamite to clear your direction. You can buy new skins from the vex coins you gain from missions and game levels. Remember that you should beware of sticks, razors and you should not stay under water for a really long time. How about we go. Vex 6 is here with its latest version! This time you will have 9 new demonstrations ahead of us for our stickman! In Scene 6 of the stunningly well-known series, you will once again encounter test levels loaded with mischievous loops. Is it correct to say that you are ready to take responsibility for this brave stickman and show his gymnastic abilities while gaining various achievements? Good luck! To dominate this match, you need to conquer dangerous spikes, see sharp edges and a set of different difficulties. In case you have played the previous games in the series, you will feel comfortable with what awaits you in this exciting new portion. The goal is to complete each level by reaching the end point. In this game the levels are mentioned as actions and there are various demonstrations to complete. You open the bad to the bone demonstration mode after its completion, which includes all the more destructive obstacles to survival. Use the WASD keys to move, run, jump, squat, and climb with a divider. You may slip and fall off the stage, or you may err in your development and collide with the edge of the saw or bounce into sharp spikes. The moment this happens, your man will kick the bucket and you have to restart the level all the time. So watch out for flagpoles. They fill in as specific places and in case you bite the dust, you can revive the last one you initiated.