Guns and Magic

In the exciting new Guns and Magic game, you will meet a farmer who faces an everyday reality where enchanted still exists and different kinds of beasts are discovered. A horde of beasts has invaded your legend's ranch and now he must fight them and wipe them all out. In front of you on the screen you will see the area near the legend's home. A horde of beasts will move towards him. Your persona will use enchantment spells and hit opponents. This way you will wipe them out and get focus for it. Similarly, explore the region. You need to collect various weapons and other valuable things scattered everywhere. Guns and Magic is an active game about defending your home from the attack of beasts! The entrance to another aspect is open and the animals come out. Protect your farm from excluded visitors. Use all available assets: form towers, blockades, set traps, call for help and change your strategies. Guns and Magic is an activity defense game in which your ranch is attacked by beasts, so use all important means to protect it from being wiped out. A gateway connecting your reality to another dimension has been opened and hordes of massive beasts are sneaking through the various corners ready to wreak havoc in the game of Guns and Magic! Help our brave animal breeder to protect his territory and his amazing farm thanks to your amazing shooting. Assemble defense towers, set traps in important places, call for help when you really want it, and find out what attack strategy is the best answer to your difficult problem, and brutally kill your opponents to get back your peace and your home unsullied!