Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure

Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure is a stage game where you are a slice of pizza that goes on a heavenly but dangerous excursion. You are in a wild world of cheap food containers with piles of discarded food. It's your responsibility to eat each one and evolve as you make your way out. You're no ordinary slice of pizza though - you can double jump and shoot pepperoni at your opponents! Use your unique mushroom-eating powers to land, stay away from bomb-wielding humbugs, dodge flying smothered chickens, avoid the alcohol-free beast's acid jets, and take the necessary steps to reach the next heater. Assuming you had a sufficient number of foamy mushrooms, you can evolve and transform into the Super Pizza Cut, which allows you to shoot significantly more deadly shots! Can you finish every level in Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure at some point?

Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure is a charming web platformer game. The player is momentarily transformed into a slice of pizza in an exciting new experience. However, dangers lurk everywhere - the cheap food trash can universe won't let you in. You'll find wonderful activity, a fun soundtrack and addictive interactivity. Try to pass each of the levels and leave a small piece of pizza in a poisonous piece with a deadly "enhancement"!