It's Story Time

It's Story Time is a puzzle game created by Sakkat Studio. Want to test your mental abilities? It's Story Time highlights a variety of miniature games filled with challenging puzzles that you can solve by breaking through new positions. Track down secret items, simplify multiple items to mix them up, eliminate item parts, open closets and drawers, and more. The game will give you a list of quests you really want to complete by controlling the items you find in the game. Go ahead and use the hint button if you happen to get stuck. This game will help your concentration and attention while offering reasonable entertainment for the whole family. In the game Its Story Time you can go through the day with the legend - a charming person who lives in his own home. Complete the exercise with instructions to understand the importance of the game and how to proceed. You will quickly find out what the fact of the matter is, and that is to help the legend find everything he wants. Anyway, it's not just tracking things. Not all of them are on display, some are hidden, others need to be joined together to achieve the ideal result. Be careful, it's a really confusing journey with riddles and puzzles, so use your reasoning and think faster in Its Story Time.